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Only when the field collection and at least 1 field inside the field collection are both required, then validation occurs.If only the field is required, no validation occurs.Is this expected behaviour / meant to be? The reason for the two items in a new node form is that the «default item» is added plus the usual blank item. An estate of inheritance or freehold in land or interest in land can be created by a deed or a will in writing in West Virginia (§36-1-1). An estate of inheritance can be defined as a type of freehold estate that may descend to heirs. This has plagued me for quite some time, I really appreciate the work you’ve put into this. Adding a second electron to chlorine requires energy, energy that cannot be recovered by formation of a chemical bond.

But I have not yet found out what causes two blank items to appear. So far it seems kind of arbitrary. It will need some more debugging to narrow that down. For example, it can indicate that one arm of an if/then/else chain is deliberately empty. This is done by writing the base SQL command and adding an INTO clause.
Note: In Oracle’s PL/SQL, empty statement lists are not allowed, and so NULL statements are required for situations such as this. PL/pgSQL allows you to just write nothing, instead. These symbols refer to values supplied in the USING clause. Could you try that also in another content type?

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